Thursday, 19 November 2009

Ten things I am loving about November in Melbourne.....

1. Hanging in a cosy hotel room with my man.
2. Having time to myself and having a little explore of Melbourne when i want to.
3. Not having to get up in the morning if I don't feel like it.
4. South Melbourne markets - 2 x cheeses for $5, octopus for T.
5. Looking at the Arts Centre at night out my window - all the pretty lights.
6. Walking along the Yarra in the late afternoon eating gelato.
7. Catching up with the lovely people who i miss who are in Melbourne - gorgeous K from the national institute, D from the theatre wardrobe, Jess who loves my buddy AB, crazy cats from work down for the melbourne season, Tara from Devon - woohoo!
8. Having a casual swim in the afternoon on the roof.
9. Amusing nights out with crazy mechanists.
10. Writing my expenses off to tax because I will be working for a few hours down here - movies and theatre are a legitimate business expense for those in my profession...

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