Thursday, 19 November 2009

Third time lucky....

AAGGHHHH! Security compromise. I have never had anyone maliciously hunt me down on the internet before. I was a bit frustrated how easy it was for someone who wanted to know about me to find me and work out lots of things about me from the little snippets of life I post. And I thought i was being pretty circumspect. I guess not. It was a good lesson tho. If someone has a grudge its pretty easy in the internet age to become a freakweasily stalker.
I was feeling put off by blogging altogether, but having a bit of time off, I am finding that I miss having a little outlet every now and then. Hopefully this time the blog is anonymous enough.
I am going to be ultra careful.
So there here we go. Brand shiny new blog, a bit like the old one, but hopefully more anonymous.

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